Southern United States

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Miss Kriz Abby Mayo
AP U.S. History 14 March 2013
New England and the South
History has shown explicitly the differences between the colonies in the Northern and Southern regions of the United States. These differences were determined in the way that the east coast of the United States was settled by colonists. The colonists developed the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies separately. The most influential factor in determining what life in each region would be like was the geography of each region. The geography then determined the economy of each region, which led to political and social developments. The differences between the New England colonies and the Southern colonies were often drastic enough that one might consider them better off as completely different nations. This possibility resulted in America’s devastating Civil War in the first half of the 19th century. However, there were inevitably at least a few similarities between the North and the South; after all, both were governed by the same federal administration. Though they shared a few similar aspects, the New England colonies and the Southern colonies were unmistakably different, whether one examined their political, religious, economic, or social aspects.

Politically, there were not as many noticeable differences between the North and the South as there were economically. The Northern colonies of New England developed from their conservative Puritan roots, which came from their original colonizers. The essential values of New Englanders were decency, equal rights, and moral duty. The Northern political sphere has typically been more influential in the federal government than Southern politicians, though things have never been “easy” for Northerners. Obviously Southern representatives and senators fought to make sure that southern values were not disregarded. From a Southern perspective, politics are about hierarchy, racial superiority...
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