Southern Colonies

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In 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh led expeditions to both North America and South America to find new settlements and gold. Sir Walter Raleigh also sent several shiploads of colonists to the east coast of North America. These colonists settled on Roanoke Island and names Virginia. In 1586 the colonists had to return to England due to hardships. John White returned to Roanoke in 1587 to establish a second colony there.

John Smith founder of Jamestown

In 1607 the colony of Virginia was founded by John Smith and other colonists including John Rolfe backed by the London Company at Jamestown. Virginia became Great Britain’s first settlement in North America.

From 1607 to 1624 Virginia was governed by the Virginia Company of London. In 1624 the London...

Wheat field in Virginia

Economics and Trade: Concentrated on agriculture and developed the plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit and livestock.

Trade in the Southern colonies included Tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo (dye), lumber, furs, farm products.
The crops were traded for items that could not be produced on the plantations including shoes, lace, thread, farm tools and dishes.

Climate: The Southern colonies were the warmest of the three regions, winters not difficult to survive, but the hot and humid summers gave rise to the spread of disease. The warm climate made it possible to grow crops throughout the year and was ideally suited for plantations.

Map of annual precipitation for Virginia
Religion and politics were intimately linked in colonial Virginia. The Church of England practiced a form of Protestant Christianity that in some ways resembled Catholicism. Because the Church of England was the established church, colonists were legally required to attend its services and, through taxes, to financially support its ministers. It provided social welfare and delivered moral offenders to the courts. Attending church became another important means for people to make social, political, and economic...
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