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Full Gospel Baptist
Psychology of Religion
Professor Dr. Philip M. Dunston
Clark Atlanta University
Kyla Beanum

Abstract Baptism, associated greatly with the Christian religion, did not originate with John the Baptist as many would assume from well-known Bible stories. Jesus' time, the washing of almost anything was considered as a way of cleansing and purifying to rid of sin or to make clean. Rituals and Practices are very important in Full Gospel Baptist Churches. So many things revolve around these simple but important rituals. Over thousands of years Baptism has been a tradition in the Church and Christian communities all over the world. Most rituals are performed in a church of choice by a priest who has been ordained into the faith.

Introduction Rituals are a part of being a true Baptist, it’s the way of showing worthiness to Jesus and it’s Christians who give their praise to him. Rituals that are performed in a Full Gospel Baptist Denomination are Baptizing, Anointing, Communion, Convocation, and of course lent. These are just some of the most important rituals that make up a Full Gospel Baptist.

Baptizing uses water immersion or ablutions in order to cleanse the new member of his or her sins. Ablution is the ritual purification of a person by holy water or blessed water. This cleansing is done prior to admitting a new member into a particular spiritual community or church. Ultimately, baptism by water offers the supplicant access to the Kingdom of God. (2015 Universal Life Church Ministries, Pg. 1) Baptism is only considered valid when performed by a Christian priest or, in a pinch, any other Christian who has been baptized and has accepted Jesus as his or her savior. When babies are baptized they are often dressed in a white christening dress or suit. The color white represents the regained purity of the supplicant once he or she has been baptized. On the day of the baptism, the infant is brought to the church and delivered to the Reverend of the church to be cleansed of his or her original sin and receive blessings. The child is either immersed in the baptismal font or the water is poured over the child's head. (2015 Universal Life Church Ministries, Pg. 1) Purity is the closest way to show your worthy to the lord. Purity can be easily done by being baptized but it is not just something that can be done and not mean. That just makes the process invalid. It is pointless to expect to become pure and holy and still remain to act the way you were before you were baptized. Then the question lies in a Full Gospel Baptist Church is where does your faithfulness towards him stand. Jesus gave us some insight as to the importance of water baptism in John 3:5: Jesus answered, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." Jesus instructed us to baptize "in the name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." In other words, he told us to baptize in the name that fully reveals God in his redemptive manifestations and work. (2015 United Pentecostal Church of Bay Point, CA). Being baptized is a part of being anointed in Holy Spirit of the lord. In anointing there are two special oils that are used to anoint in baptism. Oil of the Catechumen, this remedy oil softens, heals, comforts, and protects. The oil of catechumens is applied to the person’s chest with the sign of the cross. This oil, a sign of strength, imparts the power to resist evil. The child, strengthened by the gift of God’s Spirit, will be guided and guarded by God on every step of life’s journey. It is so power to know that being anointed can be done with more than one source of oil. They both anoint you but are used for different purposes. (Paul Turner) The oil of catechumens is the ointment of those preparing for baptism. It wards off what is evil. It brings wisdom and strength. Think of it as Catholic bug spray, religious...

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