Southeast Asia and Core Population Theory

Topics: Philippines, Southeast Asia, Spain Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: January 26, 2009
1. What is the Core Population Theory? Who is the proponent?

The Core Population Theory states that there is an original Filipino race within the Philippines. This theory opposes Otley Bayer’s migration theory, which states that the Filipino race originated from the successful waves of migration from the Aetas, Indonesians and the Malays. The Core Population Theory claims that even before the migration of such races, there were already inhabitants with in the Philippines.

The proponent of the Core Population Theory is F. Landa Jocano, a Professor Emeritus or retired professor of the Asian Center of the University of the Philippines and an Executive Director of the PUNLAD Research House, Inc. He has authored numerous books on various aspects of the society and culture. In the year 2000, the Manila Critics Circle awarded him a special citation for a lifetime of writing and publishing on various aspects of Philippine culture.

2. Name the first archaeologists and their studies in the Philippine pre-history.

The first archaeologists in the Philippines include Otley Bayer, Peter Bellwood, Wilhelm Solheim and Arsenio Manuel.

At the beginning of the 16th century, Ancient gold ornaments and ceramic pieces were dug in Ormoc. Prof. Otley Bayer as not unlike Javanese gold work of the pre-Majapahit period identified three of these. He was also the first one to propose that the Malays who came from Malaysia are the first ones to populate the Philippines. Howevever, Peter Bellwood proposed that majority of the Filipinos are said to be descended from Austronesian-speaking migrants which arrived in what is now the Philippines from Southern China and Taiwan during the Iron age.

Wilhelm Solheim, also one of the first archaeologists, was a famous botanist and is considered a pioneer in the pre-historic archaeology of the Philippines. Solheim is probably best known for his studies on the domestication of pigs in Southeast Asia....
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