South West Green Plan

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: September 1, 2012
The introduction of the Green Plane is a socially responsible act because Southwest introduced an environmental friendly aircraft which will create a cost savings to the company and eventually be passed down to Southwest customers. With Southwest decision to use recycled material there are many benefits to this decision and that the aircraft will be lighter by 519 lb. per aircraft which will cut down fuel consumption by 10,000 gal per flight and a cost savings of $20,000 per year, per plan. Also, by using the recycled material for the carpet and smaller square pieces; when and if a section would need replaced there is no need to tear out the entire carpet; just the piece or pieces that are damaged. By doing this the carpet can be sent back to the manufacture and be re-made and re-used at a different time and help that manufacture with job security for its employees.

I feel that Southwest is being proactive by making the decision to go green. Proactive is described in our Contemporary Management text book as: “Companies and their managers actively embrace socially responsible behavior, going out of their way to learn about the needs of different stakeholder groups and using organizational resources to promote the interests of all stakeholders.” (George & Jones, 2011, p. 133) By Southwest decision to go proactive they are not only looking at the cost saving to the company but hopefully, eventually this will trickle down to the customers. If Southwest decreases the ticket prices then more customers will choice to fly with them which would mean a bigger profit for the company and the need for more employees.

Organization should be socially responsible because this will help build not only there reputation but also their business. With this decision their employees will see that the company is not only helping out the environment by the use of recycled product but also cutting cost at the same time. If the employees see that the company is willing to...
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