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Topics: Wealth, Poverty, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: October 17, 2013
South Park is an American animated sitcom intended for mature audiences. The show has become popular for its crude language and black, surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics. This ongoing show revolves around four boys – Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny and the producers of South Park portray the four boys in such a manner so that adults have fun and engage in laughter while simultaneously trying to provoke then towards insightful reflections about the topics displayed in the episode. Therefore, it will be useful to investigate the three episodes of South Park in some perspectives and being relevant to their purpose, think about the issues. The episode “Here Comes the Neighborhood” is about a little guy who is being picked on for being the only rich kid in town. Feeling ostracized from the other kids in the town just due to his family’s wealth, he advertizes on one of the magazines and succeeds in attracting some other rich people to move in to South Park. Meanwhile, the townspeople fear that their Small village is going down the drain in increments so they try to run the new residents out of the town. In this episode, the poor people in the town begin to exclude the rich people by not allowing them to eat in certain restaurants, drink in certain bars and by forcing them to sit at the front of the buses like the first-class ones. Also, in this episode all of the wealthy people are African American and they are shown as they were graduated from the best schools and having the best jobs. However, when those black richers invite Chef to join their marches against this rich discrimination assuming that he must be rich as he is African American, Chef explains that he is not. Therefore, these issues in “Here Comes the Neighborhood” shows the American Culture as there is discrimination among the people as being rich and being poor, assigning that most of the riches are the African American ones. In addition, it shows...
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