South Australian Matriculation Programme

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South Australian Matriculation Programme (SAMP)

The South Australian Matriculation (SAM) program is an internationally recognized 1 year matriculation program that is administered by the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia (SSABSA), a statutory authority of the South Australian government.

Students who successfully complete the SAM program are accredited with the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and provided with a university entrance score that is used by universities around the world to select students for degree courses.

Entry Requirements
SPM, O level or its equivalent with 5 credits including English.

January and March

RM 8,550 - RM10,000

The SAM program consists of 5 subjects. They are as follows: * English studies or English as Second Language (ESL)
* The remaining subjects must include one subject from each from List 1 and List 2: List 1
* Chinese
* Economics
* English as second language
* English studies
* Legal studies
* Malay
* Modern history
List 2
* Accounting studies
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Information technology studies
* Mathematical methods
* Mathematical studies
* Specialist mathematics
* Physics
* Psychology
In addition to these subjects, students will have to study the compulsory MQA subjects which include: Malaysian studies, moral/Islamic studies and Bahasa Malaysia (exempted if a credit in Bahasa Malaysia has been obtained at SPM Level)

It is important for students wishing to excel to consistently perform well in their course work as 50% of the final marks are from the coursework set and marked at college. The remaining 50% is based on the examination that is set and marked by the SSABSA. On top of that, students in the SAM program must also achieve s satisfactory score (10/20 or better) in either English studies or English as second language to obtain the qualification.
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