South African Labour Market Policies

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South African labour market policies

Prior to the year 1994 South Africa was having issues of poverty and inequalities which were largely legacy of apartheid and past race-based policies (Jagwanth, S. 2000:1). Surprisingly, one of the important factors determining the symptoms and extents of poverty and inequality in South Africa is the labor market (Jagwanth, S. 2000: 1). This essay will look at whether the state’s changed labor and market policies gives prospect to corporations in South Africa. This essay will firstly look at the current labor policies. Secondly, it will describe the current market policies. Thirdly, it is going to discuss the implications of an open market policy, in relation to South Africa’s situation. Lastly, it will discuss the current situation found in the manufacturing sector of South Africa.

South Africa, as a developing country, is still trying to make a mark in the world market or economy and to be able to that, it has put in place labor policies which are there not only to protect but to improve the labor market of the country. The labor policies such as Labor Relations Act or in short LRA are there to improve economic development, social justice and the democratization of the work-place (Business Blue Book of South Africa, 2004: 37). This act caries out tasks such as making sure that there are no disputes within the working environment. The Basic Condition of Employment Act (BCEA) was put in place with the aim of controlling the right to fair and labor practices. It further more creates a platform for workers to know and claim their work-place conditions (Business Blue Book of South Africa, 2004: 40). Employment Equity Act or in short EEA is the legislation which protects workers from being treated unfairly based on their gender or race, and makes sure that each worker within the work-place is given an equal opportunity and that no one is discriminated (Business Blue Book, 2004: 40). Skills Development Act or in short SDA...
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