South Africa and American Culture

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Page 1 South Africa and America Culture

South Africa and American Culture
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
August 2, 2010

Page 2 South Africa and America culture

South Africa and America culture

South Africa is one of the most multicultural counties in the world it is referred as the rainbow nation due to the different ethnic groups that make up the population. Immigration has brought in white, European, Indians, Indo-Malays, and Chinese are just to name a few. South Africa has eleven different languages including the English language which is spoken throughout the country. The population of South Africa is 42,718,530. They also maintain a Republic government system. Family is the most important to the society of South Africa and it includes the nuclear family and the tribe. Their tribe is considered their community, which will provide emotional and finical support for the families. In South Africa, women of all ages including, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, will aide with the care of an infant, it is common to see the African women carry her baby wrapped in a blanket tied to her back. (South Africa

The role of a woman in Africa is considered to be very valuable according to African Proverbs because they bear children providing human life. A woman who cannot bear a child is said to have a life of misfortune. Another Proverbs states that a wife cannot be given to the best friends of her husband. A woman in South Africa cannot be killed because she is the mother of life and to kill women is to kill a child. A woman is to be treated with respect not as if she were a slave. Some will say that even god created woman first, and finally a women who is not married has no primary role in society. A woman who has a family and is married is guaranteed to be taken care of when she old, but a woman who loses her child in the event of death is...
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