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Sources Of Motivation Paper

By scoobydoo891112 May 13, 2015 1010 Words

Sources of Motivation Paper
Tina M. Link
April 27, 2015
Aaron Childers
Sources of Motivation Paper
Whether it is intentionally, or unintentionally motivation is the reason individual’s act in certain ways. According to Decker, (2010), motivation is defined as the process by which an individual moves into action, or to decide on a change in action. (p. 3). Motivation occurs from several sources that will have varying effects on different individuals. This is why there is a clear-cut connection between motivation and behavior. As we continue, we will be able to have a better understanding of motivation. Being able to identify at least two sources of motivation. Explain the relationship between motivation and behavior, and last we will examine how motivation exhibits behavior. Motivation

An internal state is a want, need, or desire that is a part of motivation. This internal state or condition can motivate an individual toward a goal or goals. Motivation is similar to intelligence it cannot be directly observed, but it can be inferred by noting behavior (SparkNotes, 2005). Extrinsic motivation is aimed at achieving external incentives such as an individual that performs to be well-known, or to make lots money. Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from with inside the individual that gets a sense of pleasure for performing for others. An example of both could be an individual who performs in plays for the high school, this person performs for the fun of it, and also to have a chance to become very well-known. Motivation is also an individual that jumps into action or thought. This action can be completed by the pull of an incentive or the push of a motive. A biological need such as food and water would be a typical push, and typical pull is an incentive value such as attaining a high school diploma. These two sources intrinsic and extrinsic are both a form of motivation.

Identify At Least Two Sources of Motivation
Motivation not only originates from internal sources such as biological and psychological variables, but also external variables, such as incentives and goals. Internal sources are created throughout the individual’s unique personal history and evolutionary history. An example of internal sources of motivation for the biological variable would be when an individual is hungry they are motivated to find, fix and eat food. For psychological variable would be when you step on a scale and see you have gained weight you then feel motivated to exercise and lose the weight. Our external sources would imply to what is presented in a person’s environment. External sources can help pull or push an individual toward the end state. External incentives can be things such as rewarding career, money, or respect by other individuals that would help motivate a person into action. For example, a student wants to earn a bachelor’s degree the student will study hard to pass. The incentive is the bachelor’s degree that motivates the student to study hard so the individual can pass. These two sources of motivation are what move an individual into action. Explain the Relationship between Motivation and Behavior

According to Decker, (2010), the first person to speculate on the relationship between motivation and behavior was made by Schopenhauer. He stated that motivations and behaviors do not happen spontaneously but is caused by either internal motives or external (environmental) incentives. (p.3). The motives or incentives are what drives an individual’s behavior to get them to do things. It is believed by Schopenhauer that a person cannot simply be motivated but must have incentives and motives to get them motivated. The sources of motivation are what push and pull a person to behave in a certain way towards an end state. Our biological and psychological motives push an individual into action. For example, an individual feels tired, being tired pushes the individual towards sleeping. Our environmental incentives pull an individual into action. For example, an individual’s value will determine the pulling power of an incentive or goal, such as an individual’s value placed on a high school diploma to graduate. Individuals are motivated by the push, pull, or a combination of both to an end state such as; completing high school requirements that help the individual achieve the goal of graduation. Examine How Behavior Exhibits Motivation

Motivation plays a key role in the behavior of individuals. Motivation can vary in intensity and persistence. They both initiate and direct the goals, and these goals are found in the behavior. There are numerous reasons motivation exhibits in behavior by individuals. An individual who is motivated to acquire knowledge exhibits behaviors such as reading books, or going to college. An individual that shows hunger the behaviors are of obtaining food to eat. Motivation shown in behavior accomplishes the individual’s goals and fulfills the individual’s needs. An individual who has the motivation to achieve something would make the right moves and exhibit the required behavior to attain their goal. If the individual’s desires to achieve this goal is interrupted then their pursuit will lose the motivation required to meet the goals. This individual will also not have the needed behavior to reach this goal.

Motivation moves or motivates an individual into action. Motivation has several sources such as internal sources that would include the individual’s biological and psychological variables and external sources or environmental incentives and goals; that affect individuals differently. To understand the relationship between motivation and behavior it allows and individual to understand how motivation is exhibited behavior. By understanding the sources of motivation, it allows the individual to understand the resulting displayed behaviors and why these behaviors occur.

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