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Bananas are a great food for all round health benefits, for the average person, dieter, or even athletes. Banana puree is important as infant food and can be successfully canned by the addition of ascorbic acid to prevent discoloration. They are in fact often the first solid food given to infants. Bananas are easy to digest because they have no fat and very few babies are allergic to bananas. They are also one of children's favorite snack because of their taste and they meet the energy needs of the growing children. Bananas may provide greater benefits than most fruits. The banana is utilized in a multitude of ways in the human diet—from simply being peeled and eaten out of-hand to being sliced and served in fruit cups and salads, sandwiches, custards and gelatins; being mashed and incorporated into ice cream, bread, muffins, and cream pies. Bananas are often sliced lengthwise, baked or broiled, and served as an accompaniment for ham or other eats. Ripe bananas may be thinly sliced and cooked with lemon juice and sugar to make jam or sauce.

The banana plant is a large herb with very juicy stem which is a cylinder of leaf, reaching a height of 20 to 25 ft. and arising from a fleshy rhizome or corm. Because of their impressive potassium content, bananas are highly recommended by doctors for patient whose potassium is low. One large banana about a 9 inches in length, packs 602 mg of potassium and only carries 140 calories. That same large banana even has 2 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. No wonder the banana was considered an important food to boost the health of malnourished children, those reducing sodium in their diets cannot go wrong with a banana with its mere 2 mgs of sodium. For the carbohydrate counters there are 36 grams of carbs in large bananas medium-sized banana provides 400 mg of potassium and contains 110 calories. Bananas also contain plenty of carbohydrates which are the body's main source of energy. They are also easy to digest. Bananas...
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