Source of Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Self-esteem, Self-efficacy Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Motivation is the act or process of motivating; a stimulus, influence, incentive, or drive. Motivation occurs rather its internal or external. Motivation is a way to encourage us to achieve our goals. A reward or incentive to push someone to complete their goal. A drive within yourself (personal or business) to complete your goal. For example, I know if I get my degree I will earn more money and have better hours at work. Internal and external factors play a big role in motivation and will get you to the next level and bring much success. External factors of motivation are good for the people who don’t have much will power within themselves to accomplish a goal. Receiving a reward or incentive alter a goal is completed will keep them motivated and continue to strive to become successful. Motivation is a type of energy that keeps us going and trying to reach our goal.

Internal and external sources are complementary in order for motivation to occur. Without motivation there's not a will or a want to get the job done rather its internal or external. Motivation is the key to success and rewards. I feel people need motivation regardless if its something they like or dislike because motivation is what keeps us going; when other people say we can't do this or do that. Motivation gives the person that extra push or boost that they need to get the job done.

The relationship between motivation and behavior goes hand in hand. Depending on how one’s behavior is will determine how motivated they are. For instance if someone have a low self esteem they probably won’t be as motivated as someone who self esteem is high. A person that is very confident and achieve many other goals will be motivated by these factors. Some people can be self motivated and others need to be motivated by another person. A person with low self esteem will need to be motivated by another person because they will be unable to motivate themselves. Working at the juvenile facility I...
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