Source Analysis

Topics: Keynesian economics, Macroeconomics, John Maynard Keynes, Political philosophy, Liberalism, Property / Pages: 3 (826 words) / Published: Nov 16th, 2014
Part Two: Analysis

The first source shows a poster advertising free trade and technical classes for adults during President Roosevelt’s New Deal. It occurred in 1936 around the time of the United States depression. This poster was created to encourage people to get an education to reduce poverty and to create jobs.
The ideological perspective shown in the source is modern liberalism because there is government contribution in the society to benefit the country. This is a collective perspective because the program is funded by the government to benefit society as a collective. Roosevelt created social programs during the recession to create jobs and maintain equality. His ideas were inspired from John Keynes who also was a modern liberalist.
The poster supports the principles of modern liberalism but not classic liberalism. It somewhat limits economic freedom, self-interest and competition. By creating more social programs, it leads to an increase in taxes in order to pay for these programs. An increase in taxes will result in less economic freedom. The creation of social programs also limits self-interest because if the government acts in collective interest of the citizens, this could likely lead to less self-interest. Competition would be lost when the social programs begin to take competition from other businesses.

Source 2 is a political cartoon showing jumper cables hooked up to the positive ends of batteries that represent “tax” and “rebate”. I believe this cartoon is saying that both tax and rebate can’t jumpstart the economy. You either need tax OR rebate. This cartoon is linked to Keynes economic theory because he believed that tax rebates when the economy is poor would help stimulate the economy and taxes when the economy was good would prevent spending and overheating.
The main idea represented is not clear because it doesn’t show which battery is the ‘right’ one to use. It just states that you need either tax OR rebate. Assuming that in Keynes

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