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History Homework – Mr Lello – Sources 8 & 9

Source 8

This cartoon is on the front of a magazine, which means that it must have been pretty important; I think the angel in this cartoon is representing Britain, USA and France. There is also a bird in this cartoon, which in some ways looks angry and also evil, I think the bird is representing Germany. The bird has a candle balancing on it’s head that says “Militarism” on it which means that the country ( Germany ) should have a strong military force and should be able to use it aggressively, if necessary. The angel is holding a cone shaped item over the candle flame, the cone has the words “Allied Peace Terms” written on it which means that as the cone in putting out the flame it is creating peace. It is stopping the flame from burning, which is stopping violence, and it is stopping the army forces. The allies are putting an end to violence.

Source 9

This source is trying to show that the allies are pushing Germany into signing the peace treaty, which would end the war between the Allies and Germany. The Allies ( Britain, France and USA ) all came to an agreement that Germany should have to pay for all the reparations and except full responsibility for starting the war. In this cartoon Germany is seen walking across a plank that says Peace Discussion on it and it shows a hand pushing Germany into a sea of water, this hand says allies on it. Germany did not want to finish the war and did not want to accept the terms of the treaty but it had no choice and was forced into signing the treaty by its allies. This ended the war.

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