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Title : A Rooster in the Sun
Story by : Becky Bravo Illustrations by : Lyra Abueg Garcellano Characters :
1.)Tik Tilaok –Leader of the roosters 2.)Tayog –Leader of the eagles 3.)Dakila –Young eagle 4.)Pak Pakak –A rooster with more feather than sense Settings : In the Sun

Summary :
A very long time ago,roosters could fly.They were as large,as high,and as fast as eagle.In the old days,roosters and eagles were birds of equal ability so that they always made a competition.

Tayog,the leader of the eagles,mastered the art of flips while Tik Tilaok,the leader of the roosters,mastered the art of landing on one leg.
They having their competition in oceans and clouds but Tayog was very tired on what their doing.Tik Tilaok wasn’t tired,instead he want to have a real challenge.He wanted to have a race to the sun.A young eagle named Dakila said that the sun is too far away from us but Pak Pakak the rooster with more feather than sense replied,if the sun was too far,why he can see it with his eyes.

Both of them agreed to the challenge.Tomorrow at noon will be started at the place where they are in.Tik Tilaok borrowed the wings of his fellow roosters to make sure that he will won in the challenge.Pak Pakak won’t agree because he think that it was cheating but Tik Tilaok said that he didn’t cheating he just using his intelligence.

The next day,the roosters gathered on the field.They put their wings to Tik Tilaok’s body,but they leave just enough for wave to their leader.When they are already finish,Tik Tilaok looked like a giant rooster with different colors of wings.

When the race were almost started,the two birds crouched between two long lines of roosters and eagles.Dakila and Pak Pakak made the countdown.Rooster and eagle took...
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