Soundtracks of My Life

Topics: English language, High school, Debut albums Pages: 5 (2013 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Chainarong Thongboonchuen
Dr. Molly Brost
English 101.004
January 25, 2014
My Love for Music and the English Language
As far back as I can remember, music has always had a big impact on me. I cannot imagine my life without music even for one day. If so, life must absolutely be dull and tasteless. One thing that I have found funny about my life is that whenever I am emotionally facing something, there is always a song that corresponds with my life at that moment. I sometimes wonder if the song writer could be someone close to me who knows what is going on with my life at that time and then he or she writes a song based upon my life story. Since I have been quite busy adjusting myself to new environment at University of Southern Indiana, I did not have time to properly listen to those songs until when I was assigned to write this paper for my English 101 class. Like other people, I have those tracks in my phone and I also give them a star, making them my favorite tracks on the playlist, so that I do not need to waste my time looking for them when needed. As I was listening to each song, I was taken back to certain moments of life. The songs range from those which represent happy times to sad moments and also when I bounced back hard and became a stronger person. As the first song was playing, a big pile of good memories just came across my mind. But whenever thinking of the most distinctive one, a scene of my family having dinner together always pops up first. It was a foggy night in winter of the year 1999. We were interrupted by the commonly piercing sound of our home phone as we were having dinner. We all were quite upset to be interrupted by that sound since we were having a good time talking with each other. Mom went to answer that call and was on the phone for quite a long time. Once she came back to the table, she told us that her brother, who lives in Chiangmai, invited all of us to visit him. We all were so excited because it would be our first time going up North to see the beautiful nature and cold weather there together. On the way to the beautiful city of Chiangmai, it was so quiet in our car. No one was really talking because we all were still sleepy from getting up early for this long trip. Then I thought it might be a good idea to fresh everyone up with good music. I asked my father, who was driving the car, to tune into some radio channels and we came across the song with catchy chorus saying “My heart goes shalala lala, shalala in the morning. Oh oh oh shalala lala, shalala in the sunshine. Shalala lala, shalala lala in the evening. Shalala lala shalala lala just for you”(Praisang). Everyone somehow got up then danced along while wondering who the singer was. We found out later that the singer was Pookie Prisana Praisang, a Thai rising superstar at that time. I suddenly felt like I was put a spell on. I became in love with the song, even though I did not understand what the song was about as it was in English. Nobody in my family speaks English, but it was highly encouraged to be learned since I was a little kid. So, I felt like the curiosity inside me wanted me to discover more about the song. I wanted to know what it meant; I wanted to know how a Thai singer could sing that well in English. When we stopped by the gas station, I went into a convenient store to look for a tape cassette of the song. I begged my father to buy me the tape. He bought one for me, though he knew that I would only listen to that song because the rest of the albums were Thai songs. He was right. I only listened to that song over and over again. I could tell that everybody became annoyed as only one song was repeatedly played throughout the trip, but I did not care. My parents figured out that I would still be playing the only song on the way back home, so they bought me the Sony Walkman. From this moment, I realized that I had found my love for music and the English language. My love for English and music grew more and...

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