Soundtrack to My life

Topics: Song, Lil Wayne, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Soundtrack to my Life

There are many songs that I enjoy listening to whether I’m sitting in a car, or walking to school. I always enjoy the fact that there are many genres and types of songs to choose from these days. There were many songs that which I choose were the most favorite and close ones to me, but out of all of them, I choose three that was based on my favorite and which topic was the most important to me. The first section that I choose was “Fighting” and the song that I represented it was called “Go Hard Ft. Kanye & T-pain”. This song is like a classic to me based on the rhythm and tone (and along with the artists). This song always gets me pumped up to keep on fighting in any situation with friends, school work, and mainly my social life. I find the chorus the most important thing that tells me to always fight as the lyrics keep repeating in a way that I must always keep on fighting, an example of this is ``so I will (hard), I am (hard), I got`s to go (hard), you got another way to live, you gots to go hard!!!!!!!!!`` These certain lyrics in the chorus just tell me that I have to keep on fighting in this life, even if there is any obstacle in my way. The next section that I choose was ``Life`` and this is the most important section to me as (life) to me is the most important thing I can ask for today. In life, you can do many things like exploring around, or being educated on different subjects each. All these things are important to me in life and the song that I choose along with it is called Safrio Duo (Played live). It’s a techno song, but it is very peaceful because of the beats from the drums and piano. Overall, this song shows a lot to me and represents my life to me. This is the only song that really represents my whole life to me. The last section that I choose was ``End Credits``, and this is another important section that represents a lot of things to me. Whenever I am finished with work, or just finished with everything that was...
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