Soundproof Floors

Topics: Floor, Flooring, Carpet Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Floated/Glued Wood Floors
* A single product that can add both enough mass to block airborne noise and provide a dramatic reduction in footstep noise.

* Made from 97% post-consumer recycled rubber, it is not just a "green product," but comes with LEED certification from the US Green Building Council. Our Underlay will allow you the beauty and contemporary look of wood floors throughout your project without sacrificing sound privacy.

Nailed Down Wood Floors
* Nail down floors require mechanical isolation from a floated sub floor, or a product that can absorb energy from the fasteners.

Tile & Stone Floors
* Ease of installation, performance and immediate availability makes our tile/stone underlay an automatic winner.

* The most effective and longest performing underlay for use under tile and natural stone floor coverings. This solution is much more affordable than cork substrates and offers better resistance to mold, mildew, and rot. It has unequaled longevity, making it a truly forward thinking choice for your project.

Carpet Floors
* With multiple thicknesses available our carpet underlayments can provide the mass and absorption needed for your project.

Performance Carpet Underlay
* Combines the noise-blocking effect of 1 lb per square foot soundproof barrier with impact-absorbing 1/4" premium foam backing to provide excellent results under carpet flooring.

Premium Carpet Underlay
* It combines the noise-blocking effect of a hefty 2 lbs per square foot soundproof barrier with impact-absorbing 1/2" premium foam backing to provide premium results under carpet flooring.

Ultimate Carpet Underlay
* Ideal for use in new and renovation projects; one step installation will solve impact and airborne noise problems. Privacy Ultimate Carpet Underlay™ is the only product for use under all types of carpet that can add 2lb/sq. ft. at only 11.5mm thickness.
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