Sound Pollution

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Main effects of sound pollution

• Deafness, temporary or permanent, is one of the most prevalent effects of noise pollution. Mechanics, locomotive drivers, telephone operators etc all have their hearing impairment.
• The first and foremost effect of noise is a decrease in the efficiency in working. Research has proved the fact that human efficiency increases with noise reduction.
• Too much of noise disturbs the rhythms of working, thereby affecting the concentration required for doing a work. Noise of traffic or the loud speakers or different types of horns divert the attention, thus causing harm in the working standard.
• Fatigue caused is another effect of noise. Due to lack of concentration, people need to devote more time to complete their task, which leads to tiredness and fatigue.
• Noise pollution acts as a stress invigorator, increasing the stress levels among people.
• Sometimes, being surrounded by too much of noise, people can be victims of certain diseases like blood pressure, mental illness, etc.
• Noise pollution indirectly affects the vegetation. Plants require cool & peaceful environment to grow. Noise pollution causes poor quality of crops.
• Animals are susceptible to noise pollution as well. It damages the nervous system of the animals.
• Noise indirectly weakens the edifice of buildings, bridges and monuments. It creates waves, which can be very dangerous and harmful and put the building in danger condition

Sources of sound pollution
The main contributors to noise are factories and industries, transportation and community and religious activity. It will not be an exaggeration to say that we Indians are a noisy people. All religious occasions, elections and family celebrations are manifested in a noisy manner.
The chief man-made sources in urban areas are automobiles, factories, industries, trains and aeroplanes. Noise makers are horns, sirens, musical instruments, TV, VCR, radio, transistor, telephone, dogs, loud

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