Sound Intensity, the Sound Level Meter, and the Effects of Sound

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Sound Intensity (I) is the amount of energy flowing per unit time through a unit area that is perpendicular to the direction in which the sound waves are travelling. a.) Units used to measure sound intensity.

In the International System of Units (SI), the unit for sound intensity is sound power Pac per unit area A (W/m²). Meanwhile, the unit used to measure sound intensity level is decibel (dB). b.) Instruments used to measure sound intensity.

Sound Level Meter
A sound level meter measures the loudness of sound at a particular moment and at a specific distance from the source of the sound - the closer you are, the louder the sound. •Dosimeter
A noise dosimeter is somewhat like a radiation dosimeter. It measures how much sound a person is exposed to, and is normally used in an industrial setting to take readings during a work shift.

c.) Limit of normal hearing.
At the threshold of hearing, the sound intensity is 10-12 W/m² equivalents to 0 dB. •110 to 225 dB - Deafening
90 to 100 dB - Very Loud
70 to 80 dB - Loud
45 to 60 dB - Moderate
30 to 40 dB - Faint
0 - 20 dB - Very Faint
d.) At what intensity is damaging to the ears.
The threshold of pain is the point at which pain begins to be felt. In hearing, threshold of pain is the pressure at which sound becomes painful to the listener. Threshold of Pain
Sound pressure levelSound pressure
120 dBSPL20 Pa
130 dBSPL63 Pa
134 dBSPL100 Pa
137.5 dBSPL150 Pa
140 dBSPL200 Pa

e.) What are the bad effects of constant exposure to loud sounds? Explain. •Hearing Impairment
Probably the most obvious consequence of noise pollution is hearing loss. Hearing loss can be small or can be significant, depending on the level of exposure to noise and even age. As people get older, hearing loss occurs naturally. If you add noise pollution to that, the hearing loss might speed up. •Stress

People exposed to noise pollution on a regular basis have higher levels of the stress hormone in...
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