Sound and the Fury

Topics: Writing, The Reader, Short story Pages: 3 (1272 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Literary Criticism

John T. Matthews
The Discovery of Loss in The Sound and the Fury

John T. Matthews writes about the discovery of loss in The Sound and The Fury. He makes the relation of loss by the fact that the characters are in grief due to their loss throughout the novel. John T. Matthews discusses the topic of loss in The Sound and the Fury. Matthews speaks about the preface and how “writing implicates the writer in an economy of loss. He repeatedly says that Faulkner ecstasy of writing becomes lost once “the pleasure of writing is release[d]” (372) that the pages loss it’s virginity, which is at first an ecstasy and afterwards a loss, offering a “cold satisfaction” (372). Matthews writes that the characters are lost once they are written down in Faulkner’s view. That if Faulkner is writing the memories of Caddy he is in fact loosing Caddy himself as Caddy’s brothers had too. Matthews focuses on Jason and how loss has affected him in his “sane” eyes. Jason’s bad behaviour as a child depends when he reaches adulthood. He takes his loss to the pursuit of happiness through money and to redeem the family through wealth. The only one who he could depend on was Damuddy and he acts severely on the loss of his grandmother. According to Matthews, Jason’s need to obtain money is from “his inability to speak his grief” (376). Jason didn’t have an extravagance as his brother and his father did, he had to slave to obtain a life for his family. Matthew argues that Jason’s chance for the future rested on the job that he was promised by Herbert Head, he lost the job, Damuddy and Caddy before he could ever possess them. Although Quentin will not be bought off by Herald to “take” Caddy, because Jason never actually possessed her. Matthew is discussing that Jason continues with his “futile schemes” and as he does, the more which he will lose the more he will try to compensate for it. The idea of gain and loss has been shown not only though Jason, but all...
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