Sorry for the loss

Topics: Prison, Short story, Fiction Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: April 29, 2014
A siren behind bars
A siren is a mythical creature, known for singing beautiful symphonies way-out on the ocean, to sailors longing for female voices. While they appear beautiful and draw in poor sailors falling in love at first sight, they are cruel creatures, charming the sailors and drawing them under water until they drown. Real sirens might only live in myths, but the idea of a siren lives on. Bridget Keehan is a writer who published a short story called “Sorry for the Loss” in 2008, giving her version of a modern siren. The narrator in the short story about Evie is limited to be a third person non-omniscient and implicit narrator, who follows Evie’s special day on job. The story line is chronological from the narrator’s point of view, which contributes that the narrator is trustworthy and that the story is moving. The story starts in medias res with the plot that Evie has to tell a prisoner named Victor that his Nan is dead. Throughout the story it becomes clear that the narrator sympathizes with Evie and this becomes clear in the following quotation: “Evie hopes that Victor’s Nan was sick just long enough for news of her death not to come as a total shock” (P. 3, ll. 55-56). The quotation shows Evie’s compassion to every prisoner in the prison. The narrator gives Evie this fundamental characteristic to make the readers sympathize with Evie as well. This actually puts the narrator in a non-trustworthy position why we can only interpret Evie in the light the narrator put her in. Evie is a cross between the prisoners and the officers and the prisoners and the rest of the society. She is a very considerate and compassionate woman who believes in the best of all people but her presence in the prison is way out of line. She is not a part of the officers and she dissociates herself from the way the prison is being run, but she is also sometimes frightened of the prisoners. She works in the prison as a chaplain who takes care of the prisoners in the more...
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