SoR 2014 15 PART I n partIV

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Government of Andhra Pradesh

FOR THE YEAR 2014-15
(Effective from 1st June, 2014)



Sl. No.

Part-I (Irrigation & CAD Works)
Part-IV ( Public Health Works)
Annexure – Latest G.O. on
Seigniorage Charges

Page No.


Office of the Engineer-in-Chief(I.W)
I&cad Dept., Errummanzil,Hyderabad


Schedule of Rates as per A.P.Revised Standard Data for the year 2014-15-Irrigation & CAD orks(Part-I),Road & Bridge Works(Part-2) and Drinking water supply schemes(Part-4)-approved-Printing& Communication of SoRs-Reg. 1)G.O.Ms.No.49,I&CAD (PW:Reforms)Dept., dt:2.3.2009

2)ENC(PH) Lr.No. 146/T1/SoR/2014-15/2014 dt. 31-05-2014
3)Industrial Consumer Price Index points obtained from Commissioner,Labour Department
4)Minutes of BOCEs meeting for Schedule of Rates held on 24.05.2014. ****
The Government have approved A.P.Revised Standard Data vide ref 1st cited.The Schedule

of Rates as per A.P.Revised Standard Data for the year 2014-15 is approved based on the following. The Engineer-in-Chief, Public Health Department has furnished draft rates for Public Health works items and Public Health Materials vide ref 2nd cited.

The Engineer-in-Chief (PR) has furnished the draft rates for Roads & Bridge items for the year 2014-15 in lieu of the Engineer-in-Chief (R&B) Dept. as the R&B Department is following the MoRTH data in place of A.P. Revised Standard Data. The Engineer-in-Chief (PR) has yet to furnish corrected copy of Roads & Bridges item rates.

The Chief Engineer(Buildings),R&B Department has yet to furnish the Part-III of Common SoR i.e., Buildings
For Irrigation & CAD work items, the regional Superintending Engineers, Irrigation Circles of Hyderabad,Chitttoor & Dowlaiswaram in charge of Telangana, Rayalaseema and Andhra regions respectively have submitted the draft basic rates of materials. The Superintending Engineer, Mechanical Circle, Hyderabad has furnished draft rates of Mechanical and Workshop items. Accordingly, the draft rates for Irrigation & Command Area Development are prepared. The labour wages are finalized based on market rates duly keeping in view of the minimum wages calculated from the index points obtained from the Commissioner, Labour Department vide ref 3rd cited for finalizing the Labour rates for SoR 2014-15. Based on the proposals, the draft Schedule of Rates for the year 2014-15 were reviewed and finalized in the annual Board of Chief Engineers meeting held on 24.5.2014@3.30 P.M. in the BoCE Conference hall, Jalasoudha Building, Hyderabad.

The procedure for the adoption of Irrigation work items, lead & lift charges (Common to all departments) is incorporated in the Annexure-A of SoR.
The approved basic rates are applicable to the datas as per A.P.Revised Standard Data approved by the Government vide G.O.1st cited. The Government approval is necessary to adopt any other data (i.e) MoRT&H Data for adopting the Road & Bridge Works(Part-2). The lead & lift charges are common to all Engineering Departments. The detailed calculations are incorporated in the Lead & lift chapter in the I&CAD Works(Part-I) of A.P.Revised Standard Data.

During the BoCE meeting held on 24-05-2014, it is observed that in some of the estimates, Lead Charges are being added directly to the material basic rates for arriving the finished item rate. In view of that, the BoCE has instructed to see that while arriving the finished item rate, the lead charges are to be added to the material basic rates only after deducting the provision of "Contractor's Profit and Overhead charges"

One hard copy & compact disc containing Schedule of Rates is here with communicated. No other items other than the items communicated by this Office shall be introduced in the SoR.
The Heads of Department and...
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