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Sophomore Year

By tktoto Dec 21, 2010 301 Words
Sophomore Year
This is a whole new year for me. No longer a freshmen but a sophomore. It feels like a brand new me. I am more familiar with everyone I met as a freshmen. I also have better classes. This is my second year as a catholic student and I am loving the experience. Last year I was not sure if I wanted to stay because the whole church thing and the uniforms just was not me because I went to private school my whole life. But I am glad I stayed at Monsignor Donovan High School home of the Griffins.

This year I would like to do better in all my classes so I get paid. If I get honor roll, my mommy and daddy give me fifty dollars. If I get high honor roll my mommy and daddy give me one-hundred dollars. Handing in homework is something I need to excel in. In the past I would never ever do my homework and that would be a main reason for me not getting on honor roll, so I couldn’t get my fifty dollars. If I learn to hand in my homework on time I can be in the AP classes.

My big plan for the next seven years is to just get into a good college and graduate. Nobody in my family has graduated college yet so I would like to try to be the second. The only reason I am saying the second is because my brother is in college and he will graduate. I am also trying to play football in college and win my team a championship. After college, I actually have no clue what career I would like to take, but hopefully I will have kids and raise a healthy family.

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