Sophomore Thesis

Topics: Batman, The Dark Knight, Joker Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Sophomore Thesis Proposal
1. I would like to explore and analyze the Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. 2. Historical and cultural aspects did not affect the film directly; however, it directly affected the original comics, which the film is based from. The comics were conceived in the 1930’s by Bob Kane. Bob Kane drew inspiration for the character of Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Films such as the Mark of Zorro and the Bat Whispers inspired Kane for some of Batman’s characteristics. The aspects of the Mark of Zorro that Kane used was the idea of that the government is insufficient to keep the villains in heck, as a result, the protagonist takes up the responsibility to defend his city. This is similar to the Dark Knight, because Bruce Wayne rises to the role to protect Gotham City from the villainous scum, and often he assists the local police in order to solve crimes. The Bat Whispers was predominantly about a criminal, known as the Bat, eludes the police. In Batman’s circumstances, Batman is a good guy who is pursued by the police after he is accused of killing Harvey Dent in cold blood, when in reality Batman accidentally killed Dent, while trying to stop him from killing Lieutenant Gordon’s son. Bob Kane gained inspiration for some of the characteristics for the Batman character, from great literary greats such as Sherlock Holmes and Doc Savage. 3. There are many aspects in the Dark Knight I would like to explore. First, the concept of religion. Nolan has synthesized religion into the movie by having Batman sacrifice his life/ reputation to keep Gotham optimistic about Harvey Dent. This is similar to Christian beliefs, where Christ sacrificed himself for the sins of mankind. Along with religion, philosophy is carefully laid out throughout the whole plots. Most of the characters share different views on philosophy; this is evident through some of their actions. For example when Joker burns all of his money...
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