Sophisticated Utilitarian

Topics: Fundraising, Disability Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: September 28, 2010
There is a very clear way that any sophisticated utilitarian could handle this proposal. Obviously, they have to consider that the limited sports program needs to be incorporated, but at the same time they can’t cut too heavily into the current sports program. There is a very clear plan that would allow the physically impaired student to have their new sport program added, without greatly hindering the current sports program. It has been said that the cost of the new program is four times as high, per student, however there are much fewer students in this program. Considering the number of students is so much lower, they could start by taking away thirty percent (which is over a quarter) of the budget from the current program and using it to start the new program that is intended for the disabled students. It is also very important to remember that such sports programs receive some of their funds from fundraising events that students participate in. Since we are now dividing our budget between seventy and thirty percent and our overall sports program has grown through the addition of the disabled section, it would obviously be a good idea to double the amount of time that students who participate in sports are required to invest in fund raising activities. This is a pretty reasonable request when you consider that students only spend a few weekends, here or there, doing this anyway and that also they have the addition of the disabled students to help them with fundraising chores. This plan stands a very good chance of greatly increasing the amount of the overall budget. Depending on the amount of additional money raised each term, the regular sports program might not even be aware that they are only getting seventy percent of the budget. Depending on the amount of additional funds raised, they could even increase the size of the disabled program if need be.
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