Sophie's World

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I. Introduction
Sophie's World was a strange, unique and unpredictable novel. This was a combination of a story and lecture about the History of Philosophy. The Author of the book is Jostein Gaarner, a Norwegian Intellectual. He was born into a pedagogical family. He taught high school philosophy for eleven years, so he must have been mastered the history of Philosophy. He often writes from the perspective of children, exploring their sense of wonder about the world. His best known work is this novel, Sophie's World. It has been translated into fifty-three languages. Even though the book seems complicated but the presentation is comprehensive and easily understood to young adult. This novel was also used as a textbook in some school in the world. It is a good and interesting source of knowledge about Philosophy.

Sophie's World is both a novel and a lecture of the history of philosophy therefore the theme of the novel is Philosophy. The main character of the novel is Sophie and Alberto. They represent us, people, who needs philosophy to understand our world. Gaardner stresses that to be a philosopher we must never stop asking questions. It does not matter that there may be no answer to the question we ask. Because asking itself makes human. If we live without asking questions of philosophizing, then we just missed the greatest pleasure and understanding that we could ever have. Although it is not easy to seek easy answers about our question but atleast we have thought of an idea that in the future it could change the history and the belief of the present time. Gaarder shows us that even when philosophy is complicated, it revolves around simplicity. It is only difficulty in the start but if we could seek an answer of our questions, it may make our lives easier.

When reading Sophie's World, it made the complicated subject about Philosophy into a comprehensive novel about the history of Philosophy. It made us think that we exist during the time of each philosopher mentioned in the novel. It is well organized from the ancient philosophers to the present philosophers.

Sophie Amundsen and Alberto Knox are the main character of the story. Sophie is fourteen-year-old, Norwegian student. The story started when she received two letters containing two mysterious questions. She discovered that a philosopher named Alberto Knox were sending it to her. It was two philosophical questions that will open Sophie's mind. The whole philosophy course will cover from Socrates to Sartre.

II. Main Body
A. Summary
Sophie Amundsen, finds a small letter in her mailbox. It was addressed to her without a stamp but only contains only a question, “Who are you?” The letter maybe nonsense but it made Sophie think. She wonders if her name is just only a name just to represent her or her physical appearance makes her who she is. When she returned to the mailbox, she saw another letter still without a stamp and still another question, “Where does the world come from?” Another nonsense question but it made Sophie thinks again. Many things came to her mind. She thinks about the fact that the world is part of the universe and the universe must come from somewhere. She also thinks that God created the world and he himself must have come from somewhere. Then when she went to the mailbox, she saw another letter but this time it is a post card from Lebanon, and it is addressed to Hilde Moller Knag c/o Sophie Amundsen. Sophie got confused.

Sophie hid the strange letters by herself. After a few days, she rushes home and finds a letter for her but now it contains about the description of Philosophy. The letter suggests that the most important in life is philosophizing, to understand ourselves and our purpose to the world. Only some people knows the most important thing in life because when we were still baby, we got this one, we were curious about everything, we tend to ask questions about what, why, where, when, how and so many questions. But as we...

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