Sop Pointers

Topics: Term, Extracurricular activity, Goal Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Statement of purpose

1. Family Background:
Kind of profession of parents or family orientation/ urban,/business/professional/ socio/political geographical etc and their expectations from you. (gives authenticity to sop, lends the personal touch)

2. Academic Profile:
12th :
Any other artisitic / athletic or some such additional craft or vocational etc. should be mentioned here. But this will be used anywhere in the sop where appropriate for highlighting or accentuating your job related skills and aptitudes as well!! 3. Short Term Goals: career goals: give some details that match with your mind set, but try to understand that these are always liable to change in this fast paced world, so it is all ok 4. Long Term Goals:/further educational or career aspirations to entrepreneurship, deep R&D inclinations, or purely academic/ or purely professional, culminating in a global purpose or some regional/ altruistic the final years of your productive life. Important. 5. Extra Curricular Activities: any and all, pastimes and hobbies inclusive, to give your personality the balance and poise as a well rounded human and social being. Not expected to be a tunnel-visioned workaholic. 6. Achievements / certificates and acknowledged appreciation etc. promotions etc to highlight your passion for your work/subject etc. not to blow your trumpet. 7. Projects if Any to highlight your drive and goal orientations, and the motivation derived from job well done. 8. Why US: Better environment, how? Explain your perspective 9. Why this particular course: describe your interest academic and professional reasons. 10. your Strengths & Qualities: that you see as effective in your achievement till date and your special skills and talents, job related positive aspects. 11. What contributions to University can you make : socio/cultural/ organizational/ IT or Comp or admin/...
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