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Topics: Nuclear power, Automobile, Michigan State University Pages: 3 (1217 words) Published: July 15, 2013
  I was 13, when by misconception of a robot being a humanoid was lost. My dad being an electrical engineer took me to a nuclear power plant where a robot was used to refill the fuel and receive the spent charge. I was a kid whose interests were varied from science labs to Karate class, History class to Music and Dance. Though it was a difficult decision for me to choose Biological sciences or Mathematics for my senior secondary schooling, I knew I would take up Mechanical engineering for my baccalaureate. Today, After working with Hyundai Motors R&D, I have an aim to pursue my masters in Automobile Engineering, Automation and Robotics coupled with design and thermal sciences.   My journey with the robotics club has been an awe inspiring experience. The first project taken up in the robotics club was Obstacle detector, an interdisciplinary project first happened in the Club though simple was a huge hit. The summer classes and workshops taken up in the club and at ROBOVEDA drew an over whelming response from the participants. This not only helped me to have a clear thinking but have boosted my elan to make a more sophisticated machine with TSOP sensors, ATMEGA 8 Micro controller and a H-bridge. My affinity for Robotics grew and I started taking up other projects like Line follower, Maze solver , Soccer Robot, Sumo Robot, pipe cleaner and All Terrain Vehicle. All terrain vehicle was initially made wired, but later was upgraded to wireless using an RF module. My transition from an event co ordinator to cheif event organiser was a great deal. from checking the problem statements of the events to the participant robot`s specifications, handling people in any conflicting situations, from taking a decision to taking an action and its consequence. I had an opportunity to experience it first hand. And soon i got an opportunity to handle more events and ultimately chair chief organiser for Roboveda'09.    Taking up summer classes for learning Auto CAD, Pro Engineer, CATIA...
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