Sop for Public Health

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Eversince my childhood I have been passionate to make a remarkable contribution in improving mankind and making earth a better place to live for everybody. Public health will prove to be one of very important steps to accomplish my goal. I am from middle class highly educated Indian family. My younger brother is a Civil Engineer. Since I was young I always wanted to be a health professional and my dad encouraged me a lot. I remember when I was in 6th grade my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and why? I replied, “ A health professional because I want to serve people.” I still remember the look on her face, she was surprised, may be because she never expected such kind of reply from a young girl. I started working toward my goal, after scoring good marks in 10th grade, I worked hard for two years in medical subjects and cracked my State Common Enterance Exam and got admission in well renowned Dental Institute of my state. I worked hard during my 5 years course and performed well in studies and extracurricular activities like various competitions and seminars, cultural music and sports etc. I have also attended various health programs conferences conducted by IDA ( Indian Dental Association ) During my 3rd year I developed a lot of interest in preventive and community dentistry, I learned about importance and scope of subject. It changed my perspective and my career orientation as it made me think that its our responsibility to make people aware about various health aspects for prevention of diseases rather than just focussing on treating illness in separate individuals. We all know how diseases like Smallpox and Poliomyelitis got eradicated by making people aware, by communicating with them and taking them with us. So as an intern I used to go to rural areas as a participant in Rural Dental Camps and I could connect to people very well and helping them always made me feel so...
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