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Topics: Microcontroller, Microprocessor, Virtual machine Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The joy of being a computer engineer lies in the amazing ability of complexity synthesis that lies at my disposal. The inexplicable sense of magic, which I felt when my first "hello world " got displayed on screen, is something I have never experienced in any other phase of my academic pursuit “Hello, World”; the first and perhaps the simplest of the programs any novice programmer executes. Yet, its seeming simplicity lent a magic-like feeling to programming, something that I have found hard to ascribe to any science. Since all the things that made the program work were yet to be explained, I was left with an uneasiness that persisted through the many progressively complex programs that I wrote. It was during my fifth semester at college, when I was trying to make a stepper motor work in the Microprocessors laboratory, that I saw how a program could influence something in the real world. The fact that an “unreal” piece of text that I had keyed in could move something in the real world fascinated me. The sight of the stepper motor turn addressed the discomfort in a subtle but very important way. Soon, I realized that looking at programs from the hardware perspective and understanding how things worked “under the hood” fascinated me and added a new dimension to my programming skills. It is this fascination for the hardware software co-design that led me to pursue a career in embedded systems development..

  It was during my junior year project that I first got a glimpse of embedded systems world. IMy task was to designed and implemented a length measuring device . I usinged a 8051 controller interfaced with a stepper motor and a dtmf keypad to move a metallic pointer to the specified distance. I achieved a least count of 0.01mm. This was mythe first project where I had usedexposure to micro-controller programming for a complex system and it gave me an in depth insight on the workings of a basic processor architecture.    

Next, during my senior year, I...
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