Sony Playstation 2

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November, 18, 2004

Group #8

Cindy Brown

Kunal Shah

Robert Burns

Eddie Carter

Playstation 2: marketing plan


The Sony PlayStation 2 was released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2000. Sony Computer Entertainment also develops, publishes, markets, and distributes software for PlayStation 2. PlayStation 2 is a gaming console giving consumers the ability to play not only PlayStation 2 games, but PlayStation One games as well. PS2 also has the ability to read and play DVD’s and CD’s and comes with a parental lock feature. It also features an Ethernet port which enables users to play against others on a world wide spectrum. PlayStation 2 offers something for everyone no matter what you’re into.

Within our marketing plan, we will discuss many attributes of Sony and its product, PlayStation 2. First, we will analyze the past, present, and future of Sony PlayStation 2 through the SWOT analysis. Second, we go into the market product focus and goals set for PlayStation 2 as a superior entertainment product. Our plan goes on to discuss, the marketing mix through product, price, promotion, and place of distribution. Competition is analyzed, followed by the global market outlook and future trends.

SWOT Analysis

Figure 1 shows the internal and external factors affecting the market opportunities for Sony PlayStation 2. Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats are highlighted within this analysis. Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for Sony PlayStation 2

|Internal Factors |Strengths |Weaknesses | |Management |Legendary leaders in the field. |Succession problem. Outdated mission | | | |statement. | |Offerings |Revolutionary console aimed at defining a |A few higher-quality, lower priced | | |new form of entertainment. Unique, |competitors. Lowering margin for technology| | |versatile, low priced. |advancement. | |Marketing |Easily creates new markets |Lacks long-term direction | |Personnel |Self promoting, job rotating system creates|Poor communication with management | | |satisfaction | | |Finance |Monetarily well-established |Decreasing return on investment. High | | | |capital investment figures. | |Manufacturing |Well-established |Lacks long-term direction | |Research and Development |Four research facilities to make continuous|Lack of communication to management. Lack | | |efforts in innovation |of general direction. | |External Factors |Opportunities |Threats | |Consumer/Social | |Declining market | |Competitive |Lowering of prices |Competitors can duplicate product. | |Technological |Leader in technology |Other...
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