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Topics: Sony, Blu-ray Disc, Logistics Pages: 5 (1872 words) Published: May 3, 2013
This course work is to evaluate the different factors affecting the international business. Such as political, social, economical, and technological. You will see all these factors to be discussed in a chosen company and it also contains supply chain with logistic process of the chosen company. International business is the process of integration and interaction among the people. it is the process of boosting the interdependence and connectivity of the world markets and businesses. In the recent two decades, this process speeded up and it helped allot of companies to be known by people all over the world, Sony is one of those companies, which speeded up its growth and become one of the best companies in the world. Sony was founded in capital of japan Tokyo in 1946; it was the idea of two men engineer masaru ibuka and akio morita a physicist. They decided to make the company of the repairing the electronic equipment’s at very beginning the company had no machinery and had little scientific equipment’s “ In 1955, the company decided to use the SONY logo on Totsuko products and three years later changed its name to Sony Corporation”. 12/03/11 Sony was the combination of two concepts one was (Sony boy) popular expression in japan to describe the younger person, the other was Latin word sonus’ which is the root of words such as ‘sound’ and ‘sonic. The new name attracted the market of its younger age people with energy and passion for unlimited creation. In 1959 Sony launched its first magnetite –coated paper based recording tape. that was the first tape which has been launched in japan, before people were not familiar with tape. In 1954 sony won the licence for making the transistors which has newly been invented on that time in America but till now it remained un applied to the radios. “ground-breaking developments include the first Trinitron Colour Television in 1968, the colour video cassette player in 1971, the Betamax VCR in 1975, the Walkman in 1979, the world’s first CD player in 1982, the 8mm camcorder based on a universal standard in 1985, the first consumer-use digital video camcorder in 1995, the next generation high capacity optical disc “Blu-ray Disc” recorder in 2003 and the world’s first consumer use digital HD video camera recorder conforming to HDV standards in 2004, just to mention a few historic Sony milestones.” accessed on 18/03/2011. Sony is well-known globalized country with big range of its product in all over the world. It includes of BRAVIA TV, reader ebook, compact cameras system(NEX), camera, VAIO laptop s/DIGITAL HOME, DSLR, camcorder, Walkman mp3/mp4 player, home cinema, projectors, DVD recorder, blue-ray Disc player, hi fi, accessories, car stereo, headphones, photo frame, bloggie, play station and sony professional, accessed on 17/03/11 on march 17 Thursday 2011 Sony brook the record in fifty one east the leading retail in Qatar. By claiming 40% of the shares in Qatar, Sony turned into its top market in the world. accessed on 21/03/11 Different factors affecting sony company:

“Analyse of the external environment could be assist by acronym PEST, which is standing for political, economical, sociocultural, and technological factors. It is also known as environmental scanning. PEST is useful tool to monitor and evaluate forces and factors affecting the company in long term” J Morrison (2002). Political/legal environmental:

It is roles and regulation, which has been imposed by a stable government on the business. On the other hand, these changes may expected from the government in the future by business. Political factors of Sony can be changed at any time, which could affect business of the Sony at time of change. As well as instability in political situation of country will affect the business Reduction in recession and credit crunch could cause Sony...
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