Sony Case

Topics: Culture, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: September 21, 2011
1. Identify and discuss some of the cultural meaning for sony possessed by consumers in india country. Discuss how these cultural meaning were developed and & how they influence consumers behaviours. What is the role of marketing strategies in creating and maintaining these cultural meaning? 2.1 Identify and discuss some of the cultural meaning for sony crazed by consumers in india. * Sony has marketed their self as a quality product manufacturer in India. * Sony has a vision to develop a new latest technology.

* Behind this unique technology they have dream which become their motivation. * The motivation & creativity meets to the reality.
* The unique technologies towards motion pictures & sound technologies, a complete new network for after sales services are one of the reason why sony is possessed.

2.2 discuss how this culture meaning were developed
* Sony has break new ground in innovating new latest products such as Full high Definition cameras & Blue-Ray disk. * Apart from that they always have best advertise campaign from which they create needs of technologies to customers. * They have versatility of adopting new technologies from which they can bring new customers * They encourage creativity culture in the organization which helps they to grove more. * With innovation their main target is to create needs in consumers. 2.3 How they influence consumers behaviours.

* Sony makes quality, innovative & reliable products which are one of the most important reasons why customer is buying sony. * They create really attractive advertise from which they try to connect to emotions of consumers & also they create brand awareness. * They do have their exclusive sony stores from which they create distribution network for fast deliveries & good after sales services. * Fast delivery & good sales services helps to satisfy consumers which helps they to get a repeat...
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