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BRAVIA (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) is an in-house well established brand owned by Sony Corp., Japanese multinational conglomerate which is one of the leading manufacturers of economic products for professional and consumer markets. BRAVIA comprises of LED televisions, LED projectors and home theatre systems. India has emerged as 4th largest market for Sony Corp., with flat LED TV contributing 35% of its total market share of Sony India.

Market players in LED TV segment provide wide choice to customers. The concerned project is undertaken: 

To analyze the market size of Sony Bravia, LED in particular

To study and analyze growth trends of the product

To determine the future opportunities and threats

To study market share and competitors of the product

To analyze the buying behavior of potential customers

The scope of the project report is limited to primary field survey of potential customers, retailers and competitors along with study of secondary research data consisting inferences from market research reports, research papers, journals, etc.

The report also provides recommendation to improve the competitive position and profitability of the product in its segment.

Research Methodology:
Our research method for the report includes

Field survey which includes research instruments like questionnaires, user reviews/ feedback forms, personal/ telephonic interviews

Study and analysis of product related research reports, journals, online reviews, forums, etc

Detailed analysis of the Company’s Annual Report and product related press release

Sony Corporation, commonly known as Sony, is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world after Samsung and LG. Since its incorporation in 1946 the company has marked it presence in the segment and successfully achieved various milestones. It currently operates globally in more than 200 nations with its headquarters located in Tokyo.

“To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services”

“Sony is committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that challenge the way consumers’ access and enjoy digital entertainment. By ensuring synergy between business within the organisation, Sony is constantly striving to create exciting new worlds of entertainment that can be experienced on a variety of different products”

The current slogan of the company “Make. Believe.” effectively positions its brands which include: 

Cyber Shot
Play Station

Throughout the world today, Sony stands for innovation, state of art technology and superior quality. It remains committed towards offering new age technology and digital concepts to its customers. BRAVIA, acronym of “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”, is an-house brand of Sony Corporation comprising high-definition LCD/LED televisions, projection televisions, home theatres. It replaced the brand “WEGA” in the year 2005 and launched first product under the brand name - LCD flat panel HDTV “KDL-V40XBR1” which had truly matchless image quality and performance. The BRAVIA televisions and its components are manufactured in Sony’s plants in Japan, Mexico and Slovakia while the principal design work for the products in performed at Sony’s research facilities in Japan, California and Mexico. The LCD/LED panels of BRAVIA TVs were manufactured by S-LCD, a Samsung company till 2012; however Sony has now ended joint venture and procures the same from other manufacturers.  In the year 2007, Sony launched TDM-IP1 Digital Media Port to permit playback of audio and video hosted on an Apple iPod on the BRAVIA television.

 Sony is the first corporation to launch BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD LED TV, which offers ultimate viewing experience and has a...
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