Sons Of Liberty

Topics: Terrorism, Social class, Paul Revere Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Throughout history many characters have been noticed to have power, in this case the group that was called “Patriots’’ or Sons of Liberty, were a very special group of colonist that used varies attempts of calling the the British attention, yet the main question was were they actually Patriots or terrorists, well terrorism at that time wasn’t as gruesome as today but for sure that it was still a thing, now, what is to ask is why did they do it, well the answer is that they didn’t like paying taxes, they didn’t find it necessary to pay the British their money, they have been holding this group together, but there isn’t as much information about them, so trying to get history of something they did was limited, so their appearance on which colony they were in first isn’t clear, also their group members aren’t well defined only one person and it was Paul Revere. There is a reason of why they did all this, they didn’t want to pay any of the British goods because they didn’t want them so a way of avoiding that, they do all of these actions. They weren’t terrorist at all, even though they hadn’t killed anybody they were planning things that in the year they were extraordinary to them but I don’t think they were as dangerous to be called terrorists. Their tactics of doing things to avoid taxes weren’t even enough to be a terrorist thing, they probably planned on calling their attention but in a harmless way, so that they wouldn’t be called killers or assassins. In conclusion, these Patriots or Sons of Liberty were just trying to make things fair for them, paying taxes in that time wasn’t as easy, plus the British goods weren’t worth paying, so they were smart enough to get away from paying so much. Maybe they already knew what the British did with the taxes they claimed or maybe they were in a low class status and they didn’t have enough to pay, either way they avoided paying and managed to not kill anybody during the process....
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