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“An Analysis of Sonnet”
An introduction should keep a reader’s attention for more than one sentence, hopefully. It should aim to have more sentences than the amount of letters in “should.” It should explain in a paragraph a brief summary of what’s to come. It should…shouldn’t it? In the same way an introduction can be referenced sarcastically, Billy Collins uses several techniques to mock sonnets. In “Sonnet” Billy Collins uses speaker, external form and tone to mock the traditional sonnets. The speaker in this sonnet very quickly establishes a point of view by throwing out a pronoun to give a perspective as to who is speaking. In the very first line the second word “we” tells readers that the speaker is speaking in first person, including people in general. The speaker isn’t trying to make a point by him or herself; rather, the speaker is including all people when making a point. This mocks traditional sonnets because they typically involve one direct voice speaking to or about a lover. Instead, the speaker in “Sonnet” uses a conversational tone as if he or she is speaking to a room full of people about the sonnet itself. The last pronoun the speaker gives the reader is “But hang on here while we make the turn” (line 9) referring to the last section of the sonnet where all things are resolved. The speaker brings the reader to the last section when the reader then enters a perspective from a woman named Laura. According to the sonnet Laura speaks to her lover named Petrarch, telling him to “take off those crazy medieval tights, blow out the lights, and come at last to bed” (lines 13-14). Even this character Laura speaks with a frustrated tone towards Petrarch and his preoccupation with a sonnet. The external form of a sonnet is unique, with distinct characteristics to stand out from other poems. Sonnets have guidelines that make them a sonnet and not something else. For example: a shoe has distinct guidelines such as it encompasses the whole foot, has shoelaces...

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