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Beyond Infinity
Amera Andersen
Welcome to my world, take my hand and see.
Come into my world, a world of mystery. 
It’s a magical place where dark meets light, 
shades of shadow grey, fading into night.

A world where everyone speaks in rhyme, 
with laughing and dancing and bending time.
The place where dreams, become reality
and children rule with regal majesty.

Come into my world of tranquility, 
where we warp time and stability.
So open your mind as you fantasize
and step in the mirror before your eyes.

A place where laughter is the only rule
and lessons are learned in paradox school.

Author notes

Sonnets are formal poems and consist of 14 lines (3 quatrains and a couplet) , traditionally written in iambic pentameter - that is, in lines ten syllables long, with accents falling on every second syllable Desperation

Guppie Stokes
What will I write about in this sonnet? 
Of who's existence I really don't care...
Why, just the thought of doing it
Makes me feel the need for fresh air! 

I cannot recall if it was to be themed; 
And really do not know why it's required.
It makes us write things that we daydreamed; 
I am conivinced all English teachers are wired! 

But in a few months we shall be freed 
Of this tiresome, troublesome task...
And nevermore will we have to plead, 
But be able to relax and sun-bask! 

Eureka! I've completed this dreadful sonnet, 
And sustain high hopes of recieving an 'A' on it! . 
I miss you
Fabrice Wonga
“I-miss-you” because you blessed my heart with pure joy,  When you cared for me in my youth, 
With a kind-spirited finger you touched my heart, 
Now fingerprints of your legacy remain, 
Engraved in the depth of my soul, 
For that…I thank you, 
Your selfless nature, if possible, 
Would have moved mountains yonder, 
Just to appease my needs, your deeds I honour, 
With the lasting memories of grace, 
And Of your undying love, 
So I send my love through a dove, 
Dove: filled with halos of your spirit passé, 
The dove is these words of sonnet; this sonnet wears “I-miss-you”.  I’d Like to Write a Sonnet Just in Fun
I wrote to write my thoughts in clarity
I wrote to write ideas and views that storm
You see I wrote to write tranquility
But now I want to write in sonnet form

I like emotions locked inside fourteen
Inside with beats I’ve never known before
The sonnet life has rule as code adds mien
To quench my thirst for laws that I explore

I lay the code in mind to bring feelings
With beats I join to capture its allure
In words I write to form with beats freeing
To play amongst the codes that I procure

I will reread and learn as I arrange
With feelings that will flow as beats will change 
Paul Moosberg

Life is Poetry
Walthing, Claudia
Life is poetry in motion
Allowing my mind & soul free
Writing rhymes full of emotions

Some makes me feel happy
Other thoughts make me sad
I accept poetry as my destiny

My rhyming traits got from dad
I hear rhymes in conversations
I see the heart not your background

My poetry are written with devotion
Life is poetry accompany with experiences
My heart & soul is free with imagination

To me a rhyme is your free soul
I will leave you with a warm smile.
We all are Prisoners
David, Olorunsogo
We all are prisoners
Engulfed within this tall walls
The inmates to us are friends and foes
Freedom to us, a foreign language
You are enslaved
By your duty to keep me within the walls
Even while I slumber
Elusive, sleep becomes for you
Though in different quarters
We share the same mansion
In this homely prison
Only your khaki difference
Defines your category
We all are prisoners
Who loves you more than I
Camilo, João
Who loves you more than I?
The sun rises as you wake,
stars fire brighter in the sky,...
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