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Introducing a mobile smartphone app with an integrated loya
lty program could help Sonic better
serve the digital lifestyle demands of many of its loy
al customers.
More than 73 percent of
smartphone users indicated that they are interested in
interacting with loyalty programs through
their mobile device, according to a recent report from M
aritz Loyalty Marketing (
Launches Mobile-Optimized Rewards Program).
Along with the loyalty program, Sonic can also introduce
a “surprise rewards” program. Each
store can be given a monthly allowance amount to use
for random customers to surprise them
with their favorite drink. Customer preferences can be tr
acked using the app through recorded
data of previous orders. So, for instance, if a customer or
ders a snack without a drink and he was
randomly selected through the mobile app, he could win his fa vorite drink for free. Although no
other quick service restaurant has a concept similar to thi
s, many retail establishments have
similar, successful programs, including Apple and Sears Hol
dings. Apple stores have an in-store
fund that can be used with discretion to replace broken
products, even if they may not be
covered. Sears has “Surprise Shop Your Way” Points that
customers have a limited time to use
when making certain purchases. The “surprise rewards” progr am, used in sync with the Sonic
app and loyalty program, will help increase new customers,
while also giving returning
customers an incentive to keep purchasing.
Couldn’t find anything about the Apple store, but I work at Sear s, so I know firsthand about the
surprise points. Same thing though. Couldn’t find any sources o nline just because they are
discrete programs.
Qdoba Launches Mobile-Optimized Rewards Program
. (2013, Aug). Retrieved from
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