Topics: Input device, Personal computer, Input/output Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Individually or in a group find as many different examples as you can of physical controls and displays. (a) List them
(b) Try to group them, or classify them.
(c) Discuss whether you believe the control or display is suitable for its purpose. (section 3.9.3 may also help) answer
open-ended investigation
Exercises 2.2 and 2.3 involve you examining a range of input and output devices in order to understand how they influence interaction. A typical computer system is comprised of a QWERTY keyboard, a mouse, and a colour screen. There is usually some form of loudspeaker as well. You should know how the keyboard, mouse and screen work - if not, read up on it. What sort of input does the keyboard support? What sort of input does the mouse support? Are these adequate for all possible applications? If not, to which areas are they most suited? Do these areas map well onto the typical requirements for users of computer systems? If you were designing a keyboard for a modern computer, and you wanted to produce a faster, easier to use layout, what information would you need to know and how would that influence the design? answer available for tutors only

Pick a couple of computer input devices that you are aware of (joystick, light pen, touchscreen, trackball, eyegaze, dataglove, etc.) and You ought to know a little about all of these devices - if you do not, research them. answer

open-ended investigation
What is the myth of the infinitely fast machine?
answer available for tutors only
Pick one of the following scenarios, and choose a suitable combination of input and output devices to best support the intended interaction. It may help to identify typical users or classes of user, and identify how the devices chosen support these people in their tasks. Explain the major problems that the input and output devices solve. Environmental...
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