Songs Relating to "Thirteen Reasons Why"

Topics: Suicide, 2000s music groups, 3 Doors Down Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: August 1, 2012
In The Middle

Hannah Baker, recorded on seven different tapes her thirteen reasons as to why she committed suicide. Throughout her story she tells of the hardships she went through when she came to her new school and the rumors that began to spread once she started fitting in with the students. The song “Bruised and Scarred” by Mayday Parade relates to a specific scene in this book. The song describes a couple who had a first kiss and it seemed as if things were supposed to be so good after that but then things took a wrong turn and it ended badly. This relates to the scene when Hannah tells about her first kiss with Justin Foley. It was just as she imagined her first kiss would be, perfect. She felt so happy once she finally had the perfect first kiss with a guy who she thought was absolutely perfect. Hannah then comes to find out that Justin had been telling rumors of things that happened that night that truly never happened. This caused a lot of problems and Hannah ended it with Justin. The song “Loser”, by Three Doors Down, is a perfect song to relate to Hannah’s story. The song is about a guy talking about how all the lies and rumors in his life have made him feel so down. He portrays himself as being a loser and explains that all the lies that keep forming are “pushing me off life's little edge...and sooner or later you know I’ll be dead.” By this statement he is describing suicide. He is saying that if it keeps going on he will soon be gone for no one to do that to. This relates to Hannah’s story completely. Hannah is in a new high school with new people, and she keeps being used as a joke. She thinks someone is trying to be nice but really they are either trying to make their reputation better or trying to spread a lie about her. People that are doing this to Hannah make her do the exact same thing as it does to the man in the song. It pushes her down and makes her feel like no one wants her and soon puts it all to an end....
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