Song Of Solomon

Topics: Symbol, Solomon, Toni Morrison Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: April 30, 2015
Rickia Tezeno
April 14, 2015
Eng 132-43

The Symbolism Of Song of Solomon
There are many symbolic meanings in the Song of Solomon. In the novel, the white peacock is a representation of Milkman's journey to flight/freedom. The act of flying shows what the motives of the characters are and those who truly understand have the gift. The watermark on the table is a terrible reminder of Ruth's past that she can't forget. The velvet roses in the novel represent how plain Lena and Corinthians' lives really are. Throughout the book "Song of Solomon", the imagery of flight is referenced as a major symbol. It signifies the importance of being alive and being free. Although the story has positive aspects on taking flight it also has negative outlooks as well. The positive and negative aspects are displayed throughout the Dead's family history. Milkman is the most affected in the story because he goes to embark on a journey of self discovery and the true meaning of taking flight. The first time of Morrison's use of image is at the beginning of the book with a man named, Robert Smith, who is about to take flight off of Mercy Hospital. Smith can't deal with his life anymore so he wants to escape. He finds that escape in flight with silk blue wings; although his escape is short lived as he soon dies afterwards. Smith was a member of the Seven Days, a group of seven men dedicated in keeping the balance between blacks and whites equal, which is a cause of him wanting to escape from his life. Even thought this first image isn't consistent with the other images, it still gives the symbolism use surrounding flight. Another symbol in the story would be the peacock, which symbolizes wealth. Even though the peacock symbolizes wealth it is not rich because it can't fly. At one point during the story, Milkman and Guitar see a white peacock and try to catch it but the peacock slips away from their grasp. "Life, safety, and luxury fanned out before him like the tail spread of a...
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