Song as Poetry

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20 February 2013
Song Lyrics as Poetry
I chose the song “Started from the bottom” by Drake as an example of poetic language in song. In the lyrics there is a reoccurring theme of how Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) is implying how he came up with nothing, but now is living the dream. Being a young successful, rich, and popular young artist. The theme of the song is if you work hard for your dreams they will come true. Drake mentions in several lines about the late nights he would work as a teen and then focus on his music after. He experienced much doubt in the people around him and was told he couldn’t make it as a rapper. The hook at the end of the song he pretty much tells the fake friends that want to be apart of his life now that is famous to screw off, and he only associates with the crew that stuck by his side even when he wasn’t big. There are a couple different examples of poetic language in the song. The chorus I would say is an example of a repetition or poem. Where the same lines and words are repeated numerous times. Repetition is used here to get Drakes point across he is making sure that everyone now knows he is on top and doing big things like he planned. The songs poetic form is written in rhythm and rhyme obviously because it is a hip-hop song. To write hip-hop the poem must flow a certain amount of syllables must be used in each line and stanza to make the poem flow with the beat. The line can be sped up or slowed down to flow correctly so it has great rhythm. Rhyming is essential when it comes to rap because that is how the genre of rap is; it always rhymes.
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