Song Analysis: The Gay Song

Topics: Woman, Gender, Marriage, Gender role, Feminism, Wife / Pages: 2 (447 words) / Published: Jun 1st, 2016
The link I post is a lyric song other than normal music video and it named ‘The Gay Song’. The singer is apparently a girl who clearly expressed her not interested in men at all but a completely gay in graceful melody. I was undergoing a complicated time and didn’t decided my representation until I found this song. I finally make determination on this song because of the lyrics ‘sue me if I’m different, or sue me if you can’. Firstly, She’s being a member of the non-normal sexual group and also brave enough to be different. She is declaiming her lesbians’ sexual identity. Furthermore, she’s singing no care for incomprehension from the public. It indicates to be fearless claiming to be homosexuality is difficult because a group of people hardly respect this kind of relationship.
As parts of lyrics, ‘I’m Ellen when she’s younger’, ‘I’m Lindsay without Sam’, ‘I’m Spashley’ s biggest fan’. Ellen and Lindsay are not only famous but also influential on positive gays and lesbians patterns. Women represented to serve dominant social order that continues to prioritize the regulation and control of female sexuality. Especially, woman ‘s role used
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I believe that some guys hiding the sexual identity, sticking a picture of himself with a close woman friend “curled up against his chest” in his locker. That’s normal for homosexual person but not admitted to act that way. Although my representation does not mention enough information about male homosexual I explored answers from the authentic articles provided. The heterosexuality and homosexuality do produce difference towards different races and class. For example, refer to evidence provided in articles, African American are more homophobic than other racial groups. On the other hand, two same-sex people may fall in love with each other in addition to race, class and social

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