Song Analysis

Topics: Emotion, War, Tempo Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Powerful Messages Conveyed through Song
Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift once said, “Every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count” (Swift). Music plays an essential role in one’s everyday life. Honorable and influential lyrics impart an important message and help one deal with difficult life situations. Inspired by the book, The Hunger Games, the new single, “Safe & Sound,” by Taylor Swift (featuring the Civil Wars), embraces the power of love and protection among chaos. This idea echoes through the connection to the emotions of the characters from the book, impact of the lyrics to crucial life impediments, and effect of its calming mood. “Safe & Sound,” sparked by The Hunger Games, demonstrates protection and love through the relationship between the main character and three other characters that play an important role within the novel. The book tells the story of a girl, Katniss, who competes in a cruel competition in which she must fight for her life against twenty-three other contestants. Throughout the book, Katniss learns the value of true love and security through her relationships with the characters: Prim, Rue, and Peeta. The first verse of the song describes the love between Katniss and her younger sister, Prim. The opening lines, “I remember tears streaming down your face / when I said, ‘I’ll never let you go”’ (Swift 1-2), depicts the emotions during the drawing of the names of the upcoming contestants who must compete in the game. When the escort from the government picks Prim’s name from the drawing, Katniss displays her undying love for her sister as she takes her Prim’s place in the competition. The song expresses the bond between Katniss and her friend, Rue, during the competition. When Rue dies, Katniss sings her a peacefully tune, “Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes and when they open, the sun will rise” (Collins 234). The verses from this tune relate to “Safe & Sound”...

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