Sonar Recording Studio

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It is very evident that Tacloban City is at the heart of Leyte. Being the heart means being the center of everything from education, trade, and skyscraping building, technologies and luxuries being found here that’s why we are considering this city as our geographic target. Due to evolution of technology, new form of business also emerges. Recording studios is one of these new forms of business which we are proposing. Recording Studio offers Professional facilities for recording and tracking music performed live such as guitar amps, percussion, acoustic guitar, voice and vocal recordings as one of the technological recording studio. We use SONAR Music Recording Software because it allows quick and precise manipulation of recorded sound files. We will maintain high quality services to ensure customer satisfaction and for us to be a more competitive recording studio, we also take into consideration the basic needs of the customers like providing them high end musical instruments to use during the recording, a cozy and relaxing ambience for them to be able to brainstorm when writing, creating and editing their songs.

Executive Summary
Business Name SONAR Rercording Studio
Nature of the Business
Sonar Recording Studio is a firm that offers Sound Recording services for song recording, album recording, advertisements and promotional materials, campaign materials, background and sound effects, musical scoring and voice dubbing for theaters and stage plays. Service Offered

Sound recording, Editing and Mixing.
Brgy. Pericohon, Real Street, Tacloban City.
Form of Business
It is a General Partnership owned and operated by Jo Melvin Llosa, Francisco Balagbis, Grace Cuizon and Desiree Jadlong. Target Market
* Local musicians and artists
* Government/private business establishments and organizations * Advertising groups and agencies
* Schools
* Electoral candidates who wants to make campaign jingles. Initial Capital Requirement
Initial Fund Requirement (one year operation): Php 1,295,795

Jo Melvin Llosa
* P325,000.00 cash
* Building, with an agreed value of P600, 000.00, to be used and renovated into a studio. Francisco Balagbis
* P325,000.00 cash
Grace Cuizon:
* P325,000.00 cash
Desiree Jadlong:
* P325,000.00 cash

1. Jo Melvin Llosa:
2. Francisco Balagbis:
3. Grace Cuizon:
4. Desiree Jadlong:
Business Description
Sonar Recording Studio is a studio that offers Sound Recording Services using high end musical instruments and state-of-the-art recording equipment, Sonar Recording Studio can capture and create a great sound recording, therefore, producing a high quality output that would surely satisfy its customers.

Highlights of the Study:
Market Aspect
In the Market Aspect the demand of recording service here in Tacloban city is defined and also the target markets who will patronize the service such as local musicians/artist (bands, solo artist or singer), business organizations, schools and politicians Technical Aspect

The Business is located at Brgy. Pericohon, Real Street, Tacloban City. It is beside Quick Bite Food Center and just about 50 meters away from Jollibee Real and Redemptorist Church. The land area is 300 square meters and has a 15m x 20m measurement. The building has a floor area of 12m x 15m and can accommodate up to 35 persons in the receiving area, 30 in the Recording room, 25 persons in the control room and 40 persons in the porch or terrace area. The capacity of the business from the starting year is 100% due to the high demand from the target market. Management Aspect

The name of the business is Sonar Recording Studio. It is a General Partnership owned and operated by Jo Melvin Llosa, Francisco Balagbis, Grace Cuizon and Desiree Jadlong. Unlike the typical recording studios in Tacloban, our studio has an environment and ambience that will suit and will give comfort and...
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