son of sam

Topics: Schizophrenia, David Berkowitz, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (1269 words) Published: October 25, 2014

David Berkowitz
AmBrielle LaBardo
David Berkowitz is an American serial killer who created mass amounts terror and panic in the residence of New York City in the mid 1970's. He committed six murders within a years’ time. His killing spree began on July 29, 1976 and ended on July 31, 1977. His arrest came by chance due to a parking ticket that was given on the day of the crime. A little over a year from the first killing on August 10, 1977 he was arrested and then sentence to 375 years in prison (6, 25 year sentences). Berkowitz had some very clear psychiatric problems. David's problem started early in his childhood as he as a very anit-social child. But the real mental issues began in his teenage years. For as long as he could remember his adoptive parents told him he was adopted because his biological mother had died giving birth to him. This made him harbor guilt that he was the reason for her death. However what upset him more and spiraled him into his psychological problems and rage was learning the real truth about how he was brought into this world and his adoption. To make matters worse at the age of 14 his adoptive mother died of breast cancer leaving David with no mother figure. I think all these factors contributed to his hate towards women and what drove him to be determined to kill a woman because of all the suffering they had caused him. Thus starting his attacks and killing spree. Although David went to see a phycologist in the years before the killing spree after incarceration David was deemed a Paranoid schizophrenic. Paranoid schizophrenia causes a person to hear auditory hallucinations and things that are not real. It also causes someone to believe that they are a “powerful” human being, more so then the normal person. This condition could have contributed to the heinous crimes he committed because of the voices he claimed to be hearing coming from his neighbor’s dog. He believed the dog to be possessed by the...

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