Son of God is the best title for Jesus

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Son of God is the best title for Jesus.’
Agree Son of God is straightforward / it is in Mark 1:1 / what the Christians believed and what Mark’s Gospel describes Jesus as / the Chief Priest asked him if he was Son of the Blessed One at the trial and Jesus answered, ‘I am.’ / Psalm 2 may be referred to here by some students / described as this at the baptism / transfiguration / immediately after Jesus died / declared Son of God by demon possessed people / declaration of faith when it is used / not just understood by Jewish people. Other views Son of Man could be just ‘a man’ / or it could have the messianic overtones from Daniel and Enoch describes the service that Jesus did / he used it himself of himself / Peter called Jesus the Christ / Messiah / this means ‘anointed one’ and could have been misunderstood and confused Jesus’ hearers at the time because they were expecting a kingly, warrior messiah who would overthrow the Romans and the corrupt Jewish leadership / other titles that students may refer to from Mark are Lord of the Sabbath / Teacher / Rabbi / King of the Jews / Son of David.

Mark’s Gospel proves that Jesus is the Messiah (Christ).’ Agree Mark 11 states that Jesus is Son of God / the power that Jesus demonstrates in his work shows that he is the Messiah / feeding of the 5000 / calming of the storm / healing miracles / the resurrection / the voices from heaven in the baptism and transfiguration passages / Jesus’ own use of the Son of Man phrase which has messianic overtones / Jesus corrects messianic expectation with Son of Man / Bartimaeus called Jesus son of David (messianic title). Other views: The gospel depicts the wrong Messiah in Jewish eyes / Jews were not expecting a peaceful Messiah / the entry into Jerusalem was not as it should have been / Jesus was peaceful not warrior like / Jesus failed to challenge the Romans / allowed himself to be crucified / may have saved a few people but not messianic.

Explain why Jesus told the disciples to tell no-one about him after Peter called him the (Christ) Messiah? Could have led to charges of blasphemy / could have been in trouble with the religious leaders / claim to be God not allowed / could have been seen as politically dangerous with the Romans / people would have the wrong expectation that Jesus would be a military Messiah / messianic secret needed to be preserved / Jesus wanted to be a peaceful Messiah / disciples might get the wrong idea / too soon – the mission was not finished / wanted people to have faith in him, not just because they thought he was the Messiah.

Explain what Christians learn about Jesus from the story of his baptism. Jesus is the Son of God / the voice proves that Jesus is the Son of God / the dove is an indicator of the Holy Spirit / the Holy Spirit is with him / he is beginning his ministry publically / the water is a sign of cleanliness / the water indicates the power of God in history and Jesus is part of this / Jesus had authority.

Name the two Old Testament leaders who appeared at the transfiguration and briefly explain their importance Moses represented the law / the Exodus / salvation. Accept prophet on the basis that Jesus was described as a prophet like Moses. Elijah represented the prophets / will come before the Messiah. The appearance of both shows the three disciples that Jesus is not Elijah or Moses

The transfiguration did not happen.’
Such things do not happen today / how could Jesus glow white and not be harmed? / there is no evidence outside the Bible for it / it has been exaggerated / it is made up just to make Jesus look important / better understood as a vision / allegory / symbolic story than as an event / illusion There were witnesses / the early Church did not question this event / it is a sign of God’s power / even if it happened after the resurrection and has been moved it fits with Jesus as supernatural / Jesus was the Messiah / it is just another miracle / it is important in...
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