Son Jara

Topics: Shea butter, Mande languages, Mali Empire Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: June 19, 2005
Fa-Digi Sisoko is who tells the version o epic in our textbook Fata Magan the Handsome: father of Son-Jara, settles in Kamalen the center of the later Manding Kingdom. A jinni appears to Fata Magan and tells him he should wed an ugly maid who is with two youths; the ugly maid will bear him a son who will rule Manding. Magan gives his sister, Nakana Taliba later appears as a principal Queen of Darkness, and a rare token in exchange for Sugulun Konde, the ugly maid. Sugulun Konde called "the Konde woman the ugly maid, mother of Son-Jara, traveling with the Taraweres, who trade her for Nakana Taliba. Saman Berete "the Berete woman" gives birth to Dankaran Tuman just before Sugulun Konde births Son-Jara. News of Son-Jara's birth reaches Fata Magan first and he declares him heir, though Tuman is the elder by a few hours. Son-Jara (also called Biribiriba, Nare Magan Konate, Sugulun's Ma'an, King of Nyani): born with hair all over body and thus got the name "lion thief." Cursed by the holy man of Berete, Son-Jara crawls for 9 years. Tanimunari, a jinn of Son-Jara takes him on the haj where he gains some abilities in magic. Berete's Omen Master has two rams, a black (representing Son-Jara) and a white (for Dankaran Tuma) do battle; the black wins and Berete's people kills both and put them into a well to hide the omen. Next the Omen Master says a toothless dog must be sacrificed to keep Son-Jara from walking. They pull a spotted dog's teeth with pliers. Son-Jara's "Muslim jinn" Tanimunari, predicts Son-Jara would rise and walk. Son-Jara's mother cooks special food to help him walk. She tries to get baobab leaves from neighboring women who all refused to share theirs. Son-Jara orders a staff from the blacksmith patriarchs but can't use it to rise. A taller staff also fails. Then Sugulun makes a staff from a custard apple tree. With it he rises, then walks. He shakes a Baobab tree three times, each time shaking a boy out of the tree. The first breaks a leg, the...
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