Sometimes Censorship Is a Good Thing

Topics: Censorship, Freedom of speech, South Korea Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Sometimes Censorship Is a Good Thing.

In modern days, the debates about the need for censorship are continually increasing. Censorship, which is a restriction in many parts of the media, has been used for a long time. The government uses censors to decide whether or not to delete some materials which are suspected to be harmful, incorrect or sensitive things. In recent years, some critics say that the censorship should be abolished to make a free use of media; however, I believe that it is one of the most necessary things to prevent many serious problems. That is, it helps to protect children from inappropriate things and keeps a country safe from the leakage of national secrets. In addition, censorship contributes to the world peace by preventing many world problems.

First of all, censorship has a positive effect on young people by keeping them away from bad words, scenes and inappropriate things. Before the young people have respect for law, they usually intend to follow other people’s behavior and it is a fact that they are always exposed to indiscreet information from TV, internet, and advertisements. It is directly connected to juvenile crimes and also it is a big part of the whole crime rate. As a solution of this problem, we already have a good example, which is labeling movies, books or TV programs with age restrictions. However, it should be more strictly controlled to decrease the rate of juvenile crimes and protect immature people, not abolish censorship.

Censorship also helps each country to keep their information safe from someone who wants to try to exploit and corrupt their government. The leakage of national secrets can lead to a serious situation. For instance, if we think about North Korea and South Korea where they are still at war, the national secrets, especially military information, are such an important thing that they must cut out by the censor. Strict censorship should be used for not only in the case of the national...
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